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In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.

-Mevlana Rumi

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Brahma Kumaris

About Us:

Brahma Kumaris founded by Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani in Sindh Hyderabad (now in Pakistan) in the year 1937,  is a well known world spiritual institution. Through its teachings, the institution has gained global acceptance and unique international recognition. The institution believes in the parenthood of God and the brotherhood of man and is open to the people of the entire globe irrespective of their caste, creed, age and social, economic or political status. Brahma Kumaris’ Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya and the two other institutions created by them, namely Raj Yoga Education and Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris Academy for a Better World are dedicated to the goal of establishing a Value-based society. The Institution is headquartered in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Currently, there are more than 900,000 individuals enjoying courses and programs at 8,500 BK centers in 110 countries on every continent. It was awarded 7 UN Peace Messenger Awards 1987 for its co-ordination of the ‘Million Minutes of Peace’ project.


Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani,(15 December 1884 – 18 January 1969) also known as Bhai or Dada Lekhraj, was the founder and a medium to the Brahma Kumaris movement. He is also revered as Brahma Baba by his followers. BKWSU claims that he used to channel the highest spiritual being (Shiva) who entered in his body and spoke through him. His teachings involves guidance from revelation in his trance from.

Aim and Mission:

Their main focus is on the development of human potential. They aim at bringing harmony in human relations and changing the attitudes and outlook of men so that there is the spirit of brotherhood, love and co-operation.

The Brahma Kumaris' primary aims and objects are

  • To spread awareness and to spread over the message of their Guru who they consider to be God, the Creator or Shiva..

  • Conducting a ‘seven one-hour-long’ courses in their philosophy and open-eyed meditation technique.

  • Offering courses on ‘positive thinking, ‘self management leadership’, and ‘living values.’

  • Organizing voluntary outreach programs.


The Brahma Kumaris teach a form of meditation called Raja Yoga, which is not be the same as classical Raja Yoga as described by Patanjali, through which members are encouraged to purify their minds. The Brahma Kumaris philosophy advocates a lifestyle which includes a vegetarian diet, celibacy and mind free from from tension, bias, prejudices, hypocrisy, jealousy, hatred, greed, ego and such other negative tendencies that cause conflict in the society and degrade the person. Their teachings involves meditation and following the Murlis.

*Murlis are the scriptures or sayings revealed by the human being in trance state or possessed by the supreme being.