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Osho Manan Neo Sanyas

Osho meditations

Category - Ashram/Organization,Meditation
Description- Osho Manan Neo Sanyas commune is a meditation centre based on philosophies of Osho.Their services includes daily meditation schedules, osho active meditations , therapies. It is a well equipped centre with meditation facilities, accomodations , cafes . They provide venues for camps & events.
How to reach -
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Time - :AMto:AM
Contact -

Email: oshomanan@yahoo.com

Contact no: 9428959979

Weblink: http://www.oshomanan.com/

Address: Osho Manan Neo-Sannyas Commune Near Railway Over Bridge, Palavasana, Mehsana – 384 003 Gujarat, INDIA

Dist: Ahmedabad

State: Gujarat

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