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From the passions arise worry, and from worry arises fear. Away with the passions, and no fear, no worry.


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Ananda sangha

Meditation community

Category - Meditation,Yoga,Mind Development
Description- Ananda Sangha’s philosophy is to expand one’s sense of harmony, and gain an increased sense of God’s loving presence in one’s life through ancient and effective techniques including meditation, Kriya Yoga, spiritually oriented Hatha Yoga, community, and divine friendship. It invites people to join its temples, yoga retreats, meditation groups, and communities to experience the joy of your own being.
How to reach -
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Time - :AMto:AM
Contact -

Email: ananda@anandaindia.org

Contact no: 8308401111

Weblink: http://www.anandapune.org

Address: Ananda Kriya Yogashram Village Watunde Pune District

Dist: Pune

State: Maharashtra

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