Spiritual Initiative is here to promote original voice, enlightened information and genuine experiences. If you have something similar to share and feel like illuminating the world with the light in you, platform is all yours. We are looking for diverse, creative, original, thought-provoking, entertaining, inspiring, informative and well-researched articles.

1. Why write to us?

We are here to support any genuine developmental/spiritual information or activity.

Need more Reasons?

  • Inspire or spread awareness.
  • Get connected to local as well global communities.
  • Promote your business/ passion/activity and join a budding community of conscious living and lightworkers.

Some simple instructions and guidelines will help you through.

2. What makes a great SI article?

  • Originality: We expect original, factual articles from the authors, which haven't been posted on any other site, even on your own website or have been blogged.(We allow to republish only in selective cases, contact us if want to know more)
  • Interesting Title: Must beeye-catching, short, creative. Check out the titles of posts on our website to see some good examples.
  • Easy Language: The language ofarticles should not be overly technical or require high level education to understand. We prefer plain language and accessible content for a wide variety of readers
  • Practicality/Applicability: We expect practical articles on any or every sphere of our lives that can be applied in our day to day activities.
  • Positive Interactivity: Try to incorporate four 'Ws' and one 'H' i.e., What, Where, When, Why, and How in your articles. Feel free to express yourself with positivism.
  • Reference Source: As we believe in promoting authenticated, validated information, try to give reference source/s in your article where applicable.Like "According to rig Vedas,As per oxford university" etc.
  • Keep It Short and Simple (KISS principle): Break up long paragraphs. It makes it more readable.
  • Paragraph Style: Always include a subtitle (Heading 2) in your article body to get a grasp on what to expect in it in one glance. Remember, lists are effective, if it applies to your post.
  • Scholarly Work: We are not featuring scholarly work at this stage, but will be in near future. So we invite any scholarly, and/or technical content for our educational archives.
  • Unbiased articles: Avoid being overly personal (we aren't a personal blog) . We will not encourage typically controversial topics (politics, religion, or opinionated etc.,)
  • Proofread: Please don't forget to proofread articles for spelling, grammar, and punctuation before sending.
  • Refer Us: Refer our "knowledge section" to gain more ideas and clarity.

3. Writing Style/Tone

  • File Extension: Please send your article in plain text format (.txt) extension.
  • Numeric: Prefer writing two digit numbers alphabetically like 2,3,4,6,9,ten,twelve,twenty four, etc.
  • Quote: Use a ~ and leave a space before the name on the line below the quote: eg;~ William Shakespeare
  • Italicize: Always italicize and explain the very first usage of foreign (Sanskrit, etc.,) word. Exp: "It's a difficult Asana(yoga pose)."
  • Font and Size: Use font Arial, size 11pts,black, with single spacing.
  • Summary: Submit a summary attached to each article in not exceeding 150 words
  • No CAPS/Bold: Do not put words in all caps or bold for emphasis, italicize them instead.
  • Word-Count: 300-900 words.

4. Images

  • Any relevant images attached with your articles are most welcome. Please ensure the artwork influences positivism.
  • Each image should be at least 850 x 600 pixels (not less than 500kb) in JPEG. format, correctly exposed and, if possible, cleaned of any backscatter and colour adjusted.
  • Larger images allow us to crop the images to suit the article. If you are sending the images in a compressed form, ensure that the jpeg compression is not visible, so save jpeg's at a high quality setting.
  • Images, should be attached as separate .jpeg, not included within the word document.

5. About Author (You)

  • We request you to send your name, email address and a brief introduction about you, with a photo or other relevant image (such as a logo from your blog) in at least 200 x 200 mpsas an attachment.
  • Feel free to supply a link to your own website and social networking contacts. We request you to add a backlink to our website so that your work gets promoted.

6. Edits

  • Your article shall undergo edits (if necessary) by our editorial team to tailor it to suit our audience.


  • Compensation: We do not compensate authors for their articles. However, we have a frame wherein the Facebook profile of an author contributing more than five genuine articles will be will be highlighted on the homepage, to make the author or his/her portal acknowledged by all.
  • Social Marketing: It is a general understanding that sharing your articles on social media networking sites shall benefit both of us, and if nothing, then good karma is always on our way; as such we encourage you to promote your articles elsewhere, provided we're credited and linked to.
  • Non-Promotion of Advertisements: Your articles are not a medium for advertisements. Your profile may, however, contain information regarding your website, blog etc.
  • Promotional Links: Posts should be written by individuals (not companies) and be free of affiliate links and self-reviews. The only promotional links we allow are in the author's bio at the bottom of each post – and those need to be few.
  • Copyright or Trademark Infringement: Any images you submit must be free of copyright or trademark infringement, and all credit must be given to the owner or the creator.
  • Plagiarism free: Each article would be checked for plagiarism or content duplication. If found guilty more than once, we will blacklist author from our site.
  • Editing: We reserve the right to remove any links that we feel might be a spam and edit content not as per guidelines.
  • Response: If your article adheres to our guidelines, we generally will take 4-5 days to respond to you. In failure of such an occurrence, feel free to contact us at