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A Spiritual Retreat Can Rejuvenate Body And Soul

BY Nadine Stipetic

A Spiritual Retreat Can Rejuvenate Body And Soul


Human race is perennially caught in a hectic life schedule today. Earlier, they had not lost on the fine art of doing nothing, stoking away the leisure hours without any guilt on mind. Today, they have brought a tense structure of personal life over themselves and this makes them overtly stressed out at times. Often, people seek relief in over-the-counter medication and at other times, they keep slipping into yards of anxiety disorders. However, if they show the prudence of taking a spiritual retreat, things can be nicely turned around at any given moment.


A spiritual retreat or a yoga vacations is essentially located at an idyllic place full of natural beauty, charm and quietude. Such places can boost your connection with nature and decrease stress on you. Ashram, as these places of spiritual retreats are called, look to mellow down the stress of clock-hours and bring the effect of constellation-hours to the forefront.


What this means is that people begin to incorporate the essence of days and nights and start looking at the gifts of small happiness. With peace and a calm atmosphere, they inculcate the discipline of yoga and meditation within them. A yoga instructor or a meditation instructor looks to bring you closer to your higher-self. According to them, each human has the potential to live one layer above problems. It\'s a virtue many forget because of the hectic and often purposeless lives they lead.


In closeness with nature and within the confines of an ashram space, the bridge lost between the conscious and the subconscious is regained. Meditation teaches poise and yoga teaches control on breath. The combination of these two gifts can make a man soar above any panic situation. A yoga teacher can also effectively examine any medical condition that you might have and provide a balanced yogic remedy for it. Examining your improvement over your period of stay, they can also ask you to prolong your stay by a few months or let you go with the promise of practicing those disciplines.


A high number of testimonials suggest that such ashrams have been more than brilliant in rejuvenating the tired body and mind. It also brings out the soul from its dark dungeons and allows a man to go back to his routine life with new vigor. Many ashrams are sprouting of late and this largely means that you can access one of them within your geographical territory easily.




About the Author

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/wellness-articles/a-spiritual-retreat-can-rejuvenate-body-and-soul-4757151.html

Photo Credit: Flickr

Published August 24, 2013


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