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Weee recycle

Focused area: e-waste management

Establish year:

Description: This group aims at improving the situation of e-waste management in India by involving producers, recyclers (informal and formal) encompassing Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) and other stakeholders in the value chain.They are actively involved in spreading awreness about e-waste management in communities. They have well attributed centre in 4 cities including Delhi, Kolkata,Pune, Bangalore

Live Project:

Volunteers: No

Email: sanjay.saxena@simsmm.com

Contact no: 2032320447

Weblink: http://www.weeerecycle.in/index.php

Address: Hi-Tech Recycling India Pvt. Ltd. Sy.No. 532, Property No. 571 Near Silver Court Hotel ATP.: Bhugaon, Tal: Mulshi Dist - Pune

Dist: Nagpur

State: Maharashtra