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Kill the snake of desire (ego) in the beginning; or watch out: your snake will become a dragon.

-Mevlana Rumi

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Barefoot College

Focused area: Education in rural areas, sustainable development.

Establish year: 1972

Description: The Barefoot College is an NGO that works towards the promotion of education in rural areas and solar energy. Since its inception in 1975, it has helped rural folks to fight social inequities, including caste discrimination, gender bias, illiteracy and feudal practices. It works and emphasizes on the following: education opportunities include balwadis (rural creches), night schools, bridge courses, and day school; making a rural community self-reliant and ensuring that barely literate individuals are equipped with training on working on solar energy and rain-water harvesting. Therefore, rural men and women irrespective of age, who are barely literate or not at all, and have no hope of getting even the lowest government job, are being trained to work as day and night school teachers, doctors, midwives, dentists, health workers, balsevikas, solar engineers, solar cooker engineers, water drillers, hand pump mechanics, architects, artisans, designers, masons, communicators, water testers, phone operators, blacksmiths, carpenters, computer instructors, accountants and kabaad-se-jugaad professionals.

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Email: contact@barefootcollege.org

Contact no: 1463288210

Weblink: http://www.barefootcollege.org/

Address: BAREFOOT COLLEGE, Tilonia-305816, Via Madanganj District Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

Dist: Ajmer

State: Rajasthan