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What man really seeks is not perfection which is in the future, but fulfillment which is ever in the present. 

-N. Sri Ram

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Samarpan Foundation

Focused area: Providing meals, running healthcare camps providing education to children in slums.

Establish year: 2006


Samarpan Foundation is an Non-government organization that focuses on humanitarian, ecological and environmental needs. They started as an informal group of volunteers to address the varied needs of the vulnerable, hungry and destitute, both young and old.

Currently, this organization focuses on providing free education to children in slums and meals, constructing hospitals and HIV healthcare centers, projects on rainwater harvesting and purification of water, contributing to orphanages and old-age homes, and initiatives on disaster management and rehabilitation, and urban and rural development.

They have initiated several social, medical and ecological programs across the country in a drive to restore the ecological landscape, meet the hunger needs of the poor and tackle malnutrition.

You can support Samarpan Foundation by donating used material including used bottles and plastic, and old computer parts that they can use for recycling.

Live Project:

Volunteers: Yes

Email: info@samarpanfoundation.org

Contact no: 9822167306

Weblink: http://www.samarpanfoundation.org/

Address: No. 25, Chico Square Hutchins Road 5th Cross St. Thomas Town Bangalore – 560084

Dist: Bangalore

State: Karnataka