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Brahmacarya is a much broader word where all the senses are natuarally and voluntarily are in control. This is a spiritual attitude in life implying restraint of sensory urges and having a strong moral discipline.


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Focused area: Children education

Establish year: 2002

Description: CHETNA is a non-profit organization working for empowerment of Street and Working Children (SWC) in Delhi and adjoining states.They empower these children with alternative education and 18 well-crafted child centered activities like recreation, life skill workshops, exposure visits, visits to police stations and primary health centers, residential workshops, etc.One can volunteer with their time, finance & skills.

Live Project:

Volunteers: Yes

Email: chetnacncp@gmail.com

Contact no: 1141644471

Weblink: http://chetna-india.org/Default.aspx

Address: Head Office:-Manohar Kunj, Ground Floor,Gautam Nagar, New Delhi – 110049

Dist: New Delhi

State: Delhi