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Two men meet on the street: How are you? one asks. The other replies: I'm fine, thanks.And how's your son? Is he still unemployed?Yes, he is. But he is meditating now.Meditating? What's that?I don't know. But it's better than sitting around doing nothing!


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Manashakti Research Centre


This ashram was founded by Swami Vijnananda .

It focuses on Spiritual Development & Mind Research.It encompasses on various social activities which includes women & children like Stress Management, Garb Sanskaar.They have Structure of courses to develop spiritually which are based on vedic science.

They are into Scientific Research & Documentation of various alternative healing techniques.They have huge set of resources for spiritual development in different regional languages that is hindi & marathi.

They have centres in various districts of Maharashtra with their main centre in Lonavala.

Open time: :AM to:AM


Join fee: Yes

Address: Manashakti REST New Way, 76, Mumbai - Pune Road, Lonavla - 410401

Dist: Pune

State: Maharashtra

Contact no: 20234330

Weblink: http://manashakti.org

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