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Remember never to say that you are alone, for you are not alone; God is within, and your genius is within.


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Volunteer now for Danutsav

Wednesday May 11, 2016| BY OSHO

Become a Volunteer for Danutsav- A week long festival as Joy of Giving. Find one near your city... More»

Healthy spiritual body in few minutes- SUN SALUTATION.

Saturday Apr 12, 2014| BY Spiritual Initiative

In busy schedule of our day to day activities many of us don’t get time to exercise or take care of body requirements. For such cases or otherwise, thank god,we have been bestowed with age proven, very effective and scientifically backed quick fix by our sages called....... More»

6 Books that can change your mind.

Monday Dec 16, 2013| BY Spiritual Initiative

An attempt to highlight some recent books that have influenced and nourished the lives of millions for the better.... More»

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