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Volunteer now to become part of Danutsav.

BY Spiritual Initiative

India's own version of "Joy of giving week" has been coined as "Daanutsav" since 2009. It starts from Gandhi Jayanti i.e. 2nd Oct and is celebrated each year to strengthen the spirit of giving.

Though Daanutsav was started by a set of volunteers, it is not owned by anyone. It's like the festivals of Holi or Diwali, and is celebrated with one motive - give to feel pure at heart.

Several agencies, people and countries celebrate this idea as a festival in their own ways. From CEO's to watchmen, schools to hawkers all take part or create philanthropic events inspiring many hearts and lives. Just by community act of giving this week, crores in funds are contributed to sustain NGO's and their good work throughout the year.

Beautiful part of this week of Daanutsav is that it's a volunteer run initiative and anybody can participate or volunteer or create their own ideas to celebrate it. Volunteers are doing rounds of "volunteers meet-ups" if you want to join in

Sharing excerpts from a recent Daanutsav Volunteer meet-up to know what to expect or how to join in.

Find them in your city from Daanutsav website or share your idea in a comment below.

A glimpse from Daanutsav at Pune Volunteer Meet-2016.

A set of volunteers from different walks of life- NGO's, Corporates, students and housewives joined in for brainstorming and to find ways to celebrate the joy of giving festival.

"Daanutsav is not about one person giving crores; Daanutsav is about crore people giving one rupee. Daanutsav is about celebrating the joy of giving at the core of humanity in each heart"- one of the veteran volunteers shared the concept behind the term.

This meet was organised to bring all volunteers together from Pune and brainstorm strategies. Volunteers who have previously participated in Daanutsav shared many inspiring stories that how one person starting an act of giving created a ripple of kindness that inspired the entire community to join in.

A volunteer asked - Were any of these activities that we initiated in Daanutsav, sustained?

Answer from some older volunteers - Many activities that people initiated became a ritual for years now.

Like Yen shared
“We at JP MORGAN, celebrated Daanutsav with NGO “Aarav” which helps support schools, with an idea of feeding underprivileged children with dal-rice by involving colleagues to cook for them. We started with 50 kids and within a week we got 100 students. As we sensed we can continue, we involved a few kids' parents into cooking and continue to contribute chawal (rice). Now we have gladly crossed more than 600 kids fed, continuing on our 4th year.”

Venkatesh shared: Mumbai police last year created a function for interaction between policemen and senior citizens. They made an activity of cops tieing "Suraksha bands" to senior citizens (like rakshabandhan) and made them adopt one or two senior citizen family. Then made sure that each cop took a vow of taking care of them and visit them regularly since then."

One CSR-Head from a prestigious IT firm shared-  We need to see the potential of resources and interest of community we are dealing with to produce a meaningful and successful event.We have this NGO where the founder had these paintings she created and we asked what are you doing with them ? The answer was – simply nothing.  

So we put them on auction and raised INR 36,000 within 30 minutes.

In another corporate we made a team of employees with their families and did a campaign "cook and sell" within the company's premises ....and we generated 2 lakhs from them for supporting various social causes."

One of the NGO Head who took part as a volunteer shared-  We have been running for 5 years an event called "Smiley Mobile Van" which made rounds around the city announcing the joy of giving week; come and give whatever you like, and it has been a huge success. We raised 10 lakh in that week by doing various activities. And now this year looking for more ideas."

Many such initiatives were poured in to ignite more ideas from each individual. 

The whole Idea of volunteer meet was that we as citizen volunteers when come together can do miraculous work for not-for-profit initiatives and make them sustainable by bringing out the “Joy of Giving” in everybody through strategic events. Daanutsav has been celebrated for many years now and is going huge every year. The best part is anybody can join in to make it large.

If you are inspired and want to be part of this celebration as a volunteer in India or got new ideas to organise, share with us a comment below with your city and mail id. Or email us on: spiritinpune@gmail.com 

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Published May 11, 2016

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