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Why we should try holy Smoke or Smudging in our routine.

BY Spiritual Initiative

The man with a pot of incense in his hand, fanning the charcoals, most often wearing a turban is a common site in most Indian cities. He goes door to door, to homes and shops, even to stationary vehicles and offers to drive out the bad air.

How many of us have gone to a religious ceremony and not been engulfed in smoke?Almost in every religions or cultures burning herb for smoke smudging is practice. It act as spiritual shower to wash away any negative energy or thought garbage from space and mind.

Like in hinduism, special ritual called havan is performed as sacred spiritual ceremony which is mix of mango wood, ghee and other natural ingredients. These specific ingredients when added to havan's holy fire turns out to be medicinal smoke as claimed by scientific study published in 2007. Research found that Havan smoke with particular ingredients can reduce 94% aerial bacterial population for 24 hours in a room space.

Camphor or incense sticks are an essential part of any oriental religious rituals. In churches, a small pot called the Thurible containing incense is used to purify the air before service. 

The holy smoke is part of the traditional way of life, irrespective of religion. While most of us relate to being a routine, inevitable part of rituals, we fail to notice the reason behind the all-pervading smoke. That the smoke is a good for us can be viewed both scientifically and spiritually. While the scientific approach reveals the ingredients behind the smoke – wood, herbs, ghee, and such organic or plant related products releases bacteria cleansing property, spiritual revelations says it tend to clear mind with negative and depressive thoughts inviting positive cosmic energy.

The process of spreading herbal smoke called “Smudging” is getting its acceptance worldwide as natural way of purifying air by burning selective herbs and ingredients.

Like plant resin Guggul or frankincense along with sage herbs are powerful smudgers which not only clean external environement also our internal environment. Guggul smoke found to have mystical properties to act as anti-depressant and is bronchial friendly too as evident by scientific findings.

Spiritually, smudging is said to drive out evil spirits and bring in positive vibrations and fresh thoughts into the home. It has been a practise of many cultures across the globe – the Native Americans use a bunch of herbs such as sage, that smoke away in a corner of the room, the ashes once burned are thrown out into the earth.

In India, another form of smudging is followed wherein an elder in the family lights up camphor or charcoal with herbs thrown in, waves the smoke in circular motions around the family members and throws out the ashes. Both these practices are believed to ward off the evil eye. While the ancient form of medicinal smoking is still around, the essence of it is dying out with modern incense sticks that use artificial ingredients. Going back to ones roots, by regularly following systems such as smudging with natural ingredients, can bring benefit to mind, body and soul.

However, we need to be aware of fact that highly chemical substitutes in form of incense and others can actualy be harmful to our health and end up causing diseases. Thus key is to stick with well researched and recommended nature offerings only. One can try guguul, loban, sage, cowdung or neem smoke at their space to feel the power of process.


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Published March 12, 2016

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