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Is Almond, Coffee, Apple and 75% of crops are about to extinct ?

BY Spiritual Initiative

Did you cherish apple ,almonds , coffee or carrots today ?

Can you imagine in coming ten years these crops vanish from your table. Around 130 nutritious foods and vegetables from our diet may extinct if our pollinator friends birds, bees or butterflies extincts.

Those black and yellow stripes buzzing insects in our garden called "bees" are responsible for 70% of crops pollination and growth. Many people think that bees have the capability of only producing honey but most of our favorite fruits such as apple, orange, onions, avocados and many more are the results of the reproductive cycle of the bees.

Variety of bees that got extinct

Bees are classified into different species such as honey bees, stingless bees, bumblebees and many more. There are around 20,000 species of bees among which 2 out of 5 are on the brink of extinction. Many species of bees and others got extinct in 100 years and remaining is on edge.

As quoted by Einstein - “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then men would have only four years of life left . No more bees , no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”


A strange disorder that kills bees

The dangerous phenomenon which leads to chaos and sudden death of bees are due to Colony Collapse Disorder. They had become a serious issue in the Asia, US, and Europe. Many people claim that CCD occurs due to the impacts of cell phones and many other electronic devices which are not proven. According to the study made by Harvard School of Public Health had reported that pesticides such as neonicotinoids are the major factor for the killing of bees which causes the Colony Collapse Disorder.

CCD is a process by which the bees abandon their hives spontaneously and they go insane leading to mass death. CCD occurs due to some small failures in hives such as food shortages, virus, epidemics, and frequent change of places from one to the other.

Factors affecting bee’s survival

There are various factors which influence the survival of the bees. During an interview with LA Times, Eric Mussen, a honeybee specialist at UC Davis had said that there are lots of things that stress a honey bee and we cannot point out a specific problem and come to a conclusion.

Virus infection also causes a serious loss of the bee’s lives. Bees are born paralyzed or with deformed wings which are the results of virus infection that leads to colony death. The environmental factors which include the process of moving the bees from one place to the other in order to increase the honey production and facilitate the fertilization or use of extensive mobile waves stressing the environment or loss of habitat is few among many major reasons.

Effective methods to save the bees

There are various efforts already started to prevent the extinction of bees. The president of the USA, Obama had established a federal effort named Pollinator Health Task Force which helps in reducing the killing of bees which are important pollinators. The United States Department of Agriculture had announced $8 million incentives to farmers who help in increasing the honey bee population by establishing new habitats for the bees.

Many other nations are coming to action to save bees including India. India is encouraging farmers to adopt bee farming and sensitizing them to save bees habitat and use safe honey harvesting technology that doesnt harm bees. 

Everyone can contribute to the saving of the bees by following simple methods such as planting more bee's friendly flower plants in their garden, use less pesticides and promote organic farming. 

As well making farmers aware about creating more bee friendly habitats and using bee farming as alternative income. Also urban bee saviors are active in many cities who doesnt destroy bee hives but transfer them safely to natural habitats without harming any bee.

Organizations involved in saving the bees

There are many organizations that are actively supporting and raising awareness about the importance of bees as pollinators.  A Few are listed below :-

  • Save the Bees is world "Green Peace" project. Their campaign is all about changing the chemical agricultural system to ecological farming system including ban of 5 major pesticides that causing bee extinction. They have about 4,50,000 signatures and campaign is still active. #savethebees
  • Urban bees is a biodiversity program which is established in France. It aims to study about the biodiversity of the wild bees in the urban parts of Europe. They have interesting projects for bee survival.
  • Bee Bold is campaign by "Friends of Earth" and is about taking action from our own backyard. #Beebold 
  • Help Save Bees is a dedicated project  in Britain which aims at raising general awareness of the native British bees.
  • Avaaz is a global web movement established in 2007 which aims at banning the pesticides that are the cause for bee’s extinction. Their campaigns are in 15 languages and have already had 2.5 million signatures. Farmers are helping big time to save our bees with help of technology that brings honey and wax extraction without crushing, helping farms to sustain their growth and bringing variety of wild flowers to bloom.

Ecological farming is a solution to give bees second chance to thrive. More farmers join bee harvesting, more chances bees get to survive.  If we still want those yummilicious fruits and nature bounty of wild flowers we need to bring us and farmers adopt ecological  with pesticide and GMO free farming.

In the last few years farmers are finding it difficult to keep up with their production rate without natural pollinators and now struggling to pull them in fields.

Saving bees would help struggling farmers to save their crops and get their yield as per inputs, so lets join hand to save bees and help farmers. 

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Published March 10, 2016

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