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Before Looking for a True Master, Be a True Seeker.

BY Gurumaa

This is the tale of a wandering seeker who wandered across lands to find the ‘best’ Guru for himself.

During his wanderings, he met a meditating ascetic to whom he asked, “Can you tell me who the best Guru is, as I am looking for one?” The ascetic responded, “You need to search and then perhaps, you will find one.” The man began his journey again in search of a Guru; days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. His quest remained a quest; all the sages he met along the way could not give him a satisfactory answer. After all, none of them could define the idea of the ‘best’ Guru to him. They added, even if there was one, they might not want to take in anybody their disciple. They might not want to reveal or demonstrate their enlightenment and knowledge to the world. His true wisdom was his sole treasure and he would not display it to all and sundry.


The man returned to his village to find the same ascetic whom he had spoken with years ago. Something about the ascetic’s demeanour revealed that he was indeed the Guru. He went to him and asked as if he needed reassurance from the latter, “You are indeed the master, right?” To this, the wise man replied, “Well, if I agreed, then it would be a wrong answer, and if I disagreed it would be a wrong answer again. If I say yes, then this will be a statement of ego and if I say no, it will be an untrue statement because only I know what I know. So I would neither say yes nor no.”


The man requested the sage to be his Guru to which the latter replied, “I will only accept a person who is a true disciple and who surrenders himself to me. I will not accept an imperfect disciple. If it took you twenty years to recognise me, then maybe for the next twenty years I will test, analyse and check you. Only then will I let you know whether I accept you or not.”

Therefore the moral of the story reads – to find a perfect guru, one must strive to be a perfect disciple. The master would find their way to teach seekers, it depends on seeker how open is his/her mind and heart to attain wisdom.

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Published February 24, 2014

About Gurumaa

Vedic scholar, practitioner, spiritual leader, philanthropist and writer, Anandmurti Guruma is an epitome of love, compassion and knowledge. Moved by the suffering of people, she has worked towards the uplift of the downtrodden for decades. She is known for her secularism and invites one and all to her initiatives, camps and programs based on meditation and spirituality. Her inspiring works include -In Quest of Sadguru, The Compassionate, Sutras for Transcending, and Health and Healing through Yoga to name a few. 



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