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Resource Guide on Helplines in India

BY Spiritual Initiative

This article highlights some of the major helplines (in year 2013) focusing on violence against women and children, sexual health, human trafficking, suicide and mental health, drugs and alcohol abuse, and the elderly in India. They are working to help you and your loved ones come out of any trouble or confusion. Share it with all. Depression, Loneliness and Suicide Aasra Info Role: A crisis intervention center for the lonely, distressed and suicidal. They facilitate helpline service and walk-in centre. Contact: 022 27546669 (24*7) Website: http://www.aasra.info/ Befrienders India Role: They are one of the most active global organizations working on suicide prevention worldwide.They work on the concept of reaching out to another person through friendship and understanding at their time of crises and loneliness. They work with various member organizations in India that work as Befriender centers and help the distressed without being judgmental. Contact: 044 2464 0050 Website: http://www.befriendersindia.net/ Sneha Suicide Prevention Center Role: They extend counseling and support to the depressed, desperate and suicidal. They network with many leading suicide prevention centers across the country. Contact: 044-28115050 (24*7) Website: http://www.snehaindia.org/ The Samaritans Mumbai Role: Provides emotional support to those in depression, distress and despair. They educate people on mental health and promote mental well-being. Can access their services via phone & email, and face-to-face meetings at their center. Contact: 022 32473267 Website: http://www.samaritansbombay.com/ Lifeline Suicide Prevention Center Role: They provide support to people who feel suicidal. Their services are available in and around Kolkata. Contact: 033 24637401 Website: http://www.lifelinekolkata.org/ Abuse (Violence committed against Women and Children) The following helplines and organizations address women and children issues caused due to violence and trafficking. They also educate them on their fundamental rights and the importance of standing for justice. Toll free All India Women helpline - 1091 Toll free All India child helpline- 1098 Toll free All India emergency helpline- 108 (*Note that it is not active in a few states) Jagori Role: They address issues related to violence against women and advocate women’s rights. They work with several NGOs across the country. Contact: 011 26691219 Website: http://jagori.org/resources/helplines/ Centre for Social Research Role: They are a New Delhi-based NGO. Their mission is to empower women and girls of India, guarantee their fundamental rights, and increase the understanding of social issues from a gender perspective. They have provided lists of protection officers in all the states in India from the year 2012. Contact: 011 26899998, 26125583 Website - http://www.csrindia.org/index.php/india-service-providers-and-protection-officers Sexual Health, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) and Disease (AIDS) Helpline The following organizations address people from all age groups, genders and sexual orientations on sexuality, reproductive health, sexual violence, awareness, LGBT, and concerns & queries related to sexual health and rights. Feel free to call them if you have any query on sexual or reproductive health. Toll free HIV / AIDS Number - 1800 180 2008 (from BSNL / MTNL phones only), 0172 2662172 (from all other service lines) Shubhchintak Role - The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS)- Delhi, also runs a helpline on HIV / AIDS awareness and help. AIIMS helpline ‘Shubhchintak’: 011 26588333 Sahaya LGBT Role: India’s first LGBT helpline ever was launched in 2013 by Family Health International, India. It offers psychiatric, legal and other counselling for transgenders / homosexuals and bisexuals with 100% confidentiality. Contact: Toll free (24*7)- 1800-2000-113 Tarshi on Sexual Health Role: TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) works towards expanding sexual and reproductive choices in people’s lives in an effort to enable them to enjoy a life of dignity, and the freedom from fear of infection and reproductive and sexual health problems. Although they are based in New Delhi, they invite callers from all over the country and address their concerns. Contact No.: 011 26474022, 26474023 (Monday to Friday from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM) Website: http://www.tarshi.net Sangini India Trust Role: They are a Delhi-based NGO working on issues of women's sexual and reproductive health and rights. They also run the oldest community-support program for Lesbian- Bisexual Transgender (LBT) women in India, with an active helpline and support group that was established in 1997. They also work on public education and research, and works with the media. Contact: 011- 55676450 Website: http://www.infosem.org/sangini.htm Samvad Helpline Role: They have been providing counseling on HIV across Maharashtra and Bihar for the last six (6) years. Recently, they started a face-to-face counselling service on-choice. Contact: Pune - 020 26381234, Bihar - 0612 2575757 Website: http://www.mcf.org.in/ Senior Citizens The following organizations focus on the care of the elderly and the helpless. Dignity Foundation Role: Focuses on the wellbeing of senior citizens. They have different helplines in five cities across India - Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai. Their chai-masti centers are spots to look out for. Contact: 022 6138 1111 Website: http://www.dignityfoundation.com/community-care/dignity-helpline.html Help Age India Role: Their helplines address the problems of the elderly surviving in isolation and neglect, and facilitate emergency responses. They provide information on access to various plans for the aged. They also coordinate with the government, police and other referral rescue & relief services to offer counseling services to help the elderly in distress. Contact: 011 1800 180 1253 Contact: http://www.helpageindia.org Pronam Role: This is a joint initiative of the Kolkata Police and The Bengal & Dignity Foundation to assist and support senior citizens in Bengal. Contact No.: 96742-88804 Website: http://www.pronam.in/helpline-numbers.asp Dada Dadi Role: They offer support to the elderly. They have an extensive list of helplines on their website that aid senior citizens. Contact: 09212717171 Website: http://dadadadi.org Drug Abuse The following organizations focus on the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse in India. Narcotics Anonymous Role: They are a non-profit Fellowship and society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem and they were affected by the latter. They are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other to stay away from drugs. Contact: 09818072887 Website: http://www.naindia.in/ Alcoholics Anonymous Role: They are an international fellowship of men and women who once had a drinking problem. They are a non-professional, self-supporting, and apolitical group. They support alcohol addicts from all across the country. There are no age or educational requirements to be part of this group. Membership is open to anyone who wants to rid themselves from their drinking problem. Contact - 022- 23016767, Women helpline number - 09971255335 Website: http://www.aagsoindia.org/aaforme.htm; http://www.aa.org/lang/en/aa_international.cfm?country=India&origpage=31 De-Addiction Centres Role: Wonderful resource website to find effective de-addiction centers near your location anywhere in India. It provides information on drug rehabilitation centers. Contact: Website: http://deaddictioncentres.in/ This list is a small attempt to highlight many areas where help is available via helplines. However, we are working on making an exhaustive list for working helplines in India and look forward to your support. Kindly share your experience with any of the helpline and introduce us to other new initiatives.

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Published December 10, 2013

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