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About that mystical word- MEDITATION !!

BY Spiritual Initiative

The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime.  Sogyal Ranpoche.

Meditation is a buzz word these days. But not many of us know what exactly it is. Meditation is not concentration, mental exercise or mindfulness or mind emptiness. These are just techniques. Meditation is beyond this. It is a state of “thoughtless awareness”.  All the healths benefits and mind control is only perks when one reaches “the state of meditation”. Confusing isn’t it ?

Meditation is derived from east thousands of years ago . The earliest records about meditation were found in Hinduism elucidated by “Vedas”. With ages, many other forms are developed by Taoist (Chinese), Budhist, Sufist and by various religions worldwide.  Subsequently, we found the existence of meditation in almost all spiritual practices and cultures throughout the human history .In today’s modern time now we have various techniques to meditate. As a result ,the best way or easy way or my way to meditation now leaves us bewildered.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is not just a technique. It’s like term sport which encompasses many techniques to reach the best true self. Meditation can be sitting, praying, walking, musical, dancing or anything that aims to transcend. The word meditation means “contemplation or pondering”. Its been found that many techniques are actually designed around the word only. But true meditation, derived in its original form called “Dhyan” from hindu Veda’s are far beyond these techniques. Many times we find meditators meditating for years without any growth or findings. That is why experts and masters warn all meditators to learn why of meditation before or along with learning how to meditate. Only those who knows the correct answer for why to meditate can learn how to meditate in its original form. So lets find out what could be the possible correct reason to meditate.

Why to meditate ?

Almost all of us knows the answer- “its an age old stress relieving technique”. But stress relieving is also exercise, sports, sex or entertainment. Why to bother ourselves with most difficult and boring thing. Sitting for long hours in meditation struggling our mind and body to stillness is actually more difficult than churning mountains in pieces.

So why to Meditate? Well meditation is only way which brings connection. It connects us to the universe, reality, our life around and answers the questions which cannot be answered by anything else. It expands our existence. It gives meaning to our life.  We are given various reasons by different disciplines. Budhist philosophy for meditation is to go beyond suffering and free oneself from all attachments. Hindu philosophy is to free yourselves from maya and duality. Christians is to connect with Christ consciousness. Sufi is to find beloved allah. Whereas,  Doctor is to gain great health. Psychologist is to have control on your mind. And Mystics is to obtain powers hidden in your own self.

Why to meditate actually needs contemplation on the fact what all disciplines need to say about it. Having knowledge helps one to choose a path or technique. Reason to meditate can be spiritual, intellectual or circumstantial. It is assured that all will experience the ecstasy, contentment and freedom in the end if done the right way. Use awareness over intellect if one wants to grow deep in meditation or reach the state of meditation.

Spiritual reason is the most highest and powerful reason as it shows outcome quite readily. Medical and intellectual reason many times loses the interest but is easier than spiritual. To gain the highest benefits of meditation taking glimpses from scriptures like Upnishads, Tao, Vedas, Sufism and self-realized gurus are always recommended.

How to Meditate?

About practice- just sitting in a quiet place working on the flow of your breath is the great way to start with. Why? Because surprisingly your thoughts define the quality of your breath and energy level of your body.  As breath is linked to the thoughts so is thought to the breath. Its all linked. Controlling and managing breath is a very effective and secret way of controlling mind. But its no more a secret as most of the meditation techniques revolves around this fact. The biggest challenge in meditation is how to have thoughtless state. To face this challenge now we have various aids developed among which spiritual music is one of the most powerful tools. So sit, relax , read, have a music on and meditate on why to meditate and you will find yourself getting deep into meditation with the time.

Few tips to practice-

  1. Find a clean place.

  2. Distress your body and keep it all loose.

  3. Read a good discourse (lectures by enlightened) suggestible spiritual.

  4. Have a good relaxing preferably spiritual music.

  5. Keep your spine straight no matter if you are walking, sitting or lying down.

  6. Just focus on your breath and try to keep it in same and natural pace for few minutes.

  7. Watch any intruding thought and let it come and go, do not follow.

  8. Again focus on your breath.

  9. Practice as much as you can and you will find more and more time you get to do this miraculously.

All the best.

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Published November 14, 2013

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