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What is True Spirituality ?

BY Derric Moore

According to the Kamau (Ancient Africans of Egypt) true spirituality brings peace and prosperity to all because it is based upon a relationship with the Divine. Before we begin it should be noted that there is a big difference between religion and spirituality. Religion for the most part is a set of customs, rules and norms that are practiced by the pious. Spirituality on the other hand is deep connection with the Divine. Not to be judgmental, but our world is full of religious people, that is people that run around trying to convince others to convert to their way of believing. Some of these individuals are quick to spit out a religious scripture. They know their religious books front and back. They dress in religious attire and sometimes even the finest garb. They are full of information and could be called walking libraries, but let a ailing individual ask them for some help, some food to eat, a drink of water, help crossing the street, etc. and you will see a completely different side of them. This is because they are not practicing true spirituality.


A spiritual individual is learned (not always formally educated) but they are very wise because they have established a personal relationship with God. A spiritual individual has knowledge of Self, which means they understand that they (and every other human being that exists rather they know it or not) are made in the image of God. This unique understand makes them view the world and interact with others from a completely different perspective. They strive to be kind to others not because they believe they are going to go to hell if they aren't. It is because they understand the ramifications of their actions and behaviors, and sees everyone (and everything) as a physical manifestation of the Spirit. They don't put their faith and trust in the things of the physical world like money. In other words they don't make it one of their priorities to be rich by acquiring all of the physical resources of the planet, because they understand that true wealth is not measured solely by one's material possessions but by one's spirit that is manifested through their family, friends, community, organizations as well as material possessions.


A spiritual individual doesn't need to go to a building to connect with God because they recognize and see the manifestation of the Spirit throughout their life. When they go to a church, mosque or any religious temple it is purposely done in order to fellowship, mourn, worship and celebrate with others. Spiritual individuals live their life with purpose to do better today than they had done yesterday. They are not dull and boring nor are they giddy and full of drama, they are in general happy people because they have a peace of mind, due to them striving to maintain balance in their life as they see in nature.


Now, the term "spirituality" has been tossed around quite a bit in our society lately, which has caused many to interpreted spirituality to mean live however you want to live and do whatever makes you happy. Presently there are all sorts of books on spirituality from spirituality through playing golf to the spirituality in cartoons. One could easily fall into the trap of believing that spirituality is all about making up your own rules as you go along. This is totally incorrect and although there are a number of individuals that live like this, this is not true spirituality. The essence of true spirituality can be found in the understanding of the word religion.


The word religion is believed to be derived from the Lain word religare, which means, "to tie" one back to something. Therefore, the true purpose of religion is to tie or reunite one back with God, but because religion has become big business in our society. The term spirituality is often used in it place because religion became business. This is not to say that there aren't any good religious leaders but finding a good religious leader is becoming harder and harder to come by. When one finds a good religious leader you will find that they are also truly spiritual because true spirituality is really about self-development and improvement. It is about overcoming one's faults, trials and tribulation in order to become a better individual. This means don't get it twisted (confuse) spiritual people aren't perfect, but they do strive for perfection.


Another thing, it should be understood that there is no one right way to do anything either. This is what has led to a lot of wars throughout history, that there is only one way to serve God. There is a host of people that have their own cultural way of dealing with matters as well. This is why these different paths or ways are called African Spirituality, African American Spirituality, Native American Spirituality and so on.


So, in summary the difference between religion or religious individuals and spirituality or spiritual individuals is that religion is what people do, while spirituality is what people are. It can be said with all of the arguing, dissension and fighting that has been committed in the so-called name of God by religious zealots. That unfortunately, religion in our contemporary times is what divides and separates people from God and each other, while spirituality is what unites and brings people together in order to help become the master of them Self. There you have it. If what you are doing brings or inspires confusion, chaos, disorder and destruction in your home, community, neighborhood, society, etc. Then most likely it is not true spirituality, but a perversion inspired by the envious and evil ruler Set (the Kamitic/Kemetic/Khamitic devil). If it inspire peace and prosperity then it is true spirituality according to the Kamau and a blessing from Osar (Ausar/Asar/Osiris of the Greek).


About Author-

Derric "Rau Khu" Moore grew up in a loving strong Christian household in Detroit, Michigan. He has studied religion, mysticism, metaphysics, folklore and spiritualism for over ten years. Educated as a chemical engineer, he is an academic instructor, poet, folk artist and urban shaman.

He is one of the main contributors of the Land of Kam website,author of the MAA AANKH: Finding God the Afro-American Way, by Honoring the Ancestors and Guardian Spirits

( http://1solalliance.jigsy.com/Books/Maa_Aankh ), in which he shows how to make the transition from the linear Western religious thinking to the holistic African mindset, using his own life experiences, and. Kamta: A Practical Kamitic Path for Obtaining Power ( http://1solalliance.jigsy.com/Books/Kamta ), which explains how he used Ancient Egyptian philosophy, African American folk practices and Afro-Caribbean Spiritualism to improve his finances, escape poverty and recover from the debilitating illness lupus.

Article Source: Ezine.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Published August 24, 2013



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