Welcome to Spiritual Initiative

Vision: Lets all have correct knowledge and environment to spiritually evolve.


Spiritual Initiative is a social enterprise designed to accentuate various spiritual, social, environmental and humanitarian activities and organizations from around the globe.

We are a platform which aims to bridge the gap between information seekers and providers by making knowledge and active organizations accessible to all.

We believe one can grow spiritually or as a human being only when our environment is healthy and supportive for our growth. Our efforts are to promote action, by learning global and working local, thus we endeavor to acknowledge any large or small(local/national/international)active agent dedicated towards sustainable development or evolution.

Spiritual Initiative is in its development phase and is continuously working towards bringing the best for spiritual/development organizations & seekers.


Soak yourself in the pool of knowledge. Find information related to spirituality and social development, beautiful collection of poems and inspiring quotes. You can also submit any enlightening, inspiring or thoroughly researched articles.


Learn & practice the art of yoga, meditation and other evolutionary activities. You can also take action for social development by joining NGOs or any active individual taking positive action near you.


We invite all the learners and practitioners to share their knowledge on this platform. We also invite any event/activity related to spiritual or social development. You can also help us to map your city for spiritual or social organizations.

We believe in continuous improvement and are eager to respond your queries, feel free to write to us what's on your mind; we are listening.